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Mmmmm. Mischa Barton topless. From the belly button up, Mischa is glorious. Nice tits with perky nipples, a beautiful face, sexy eyes and lips, etc … And then you take a look down below. Wtf happened to this girl??? Twenty something Hollywood sex symbols are not supposed to look like their legs and ass had hamburger meat injected into them like botox. Hey Mischa … listen to me. The treadmill is your friend. Please show it the love that a friend deserves.

Mischa Barton Topless

Mischa Barton Nude

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Is Britney Spears ever caught by paparazzi fully clothed? Most celebs are horrified to be photographed with their asses or tits hanging out of their million dollar dresses, and camera men have a field day with the rare occurrence. But catch this slutty attention whore (that just cant seem to stay sane long enough to stay out of the tabloids for one full issue) dressed modestly, and THEN you’ll have my attention. Anyway, here she is….again… “caught” upskirt by paparazzi sporting her new $4,000 bag that she bought with all the money she saved when her lawyers walked out on her…again, and of course, her ass. “Oops.” I swear, there’ll probably be more of a buzz in Hollywood about the brown shoes with the all black getup than her washed up, overrated booty cheeks.


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Britney Spears Upskirt

Britney Spears Ass

Britney Spears Booty Britney Spears Paprazzi

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Sarah Silverman drives me wild! Who knew that she had such a great ass? A true bubble butt on this girl. I love her sense of humor and her hot body puts her over the top. Jimmy Kimmel must have an 11 inch cock otherwise I just don’t understand why she is with him. Yup, that has to be it. He is obviously hung like Sea Biscuit.

Sarah Silverman Bubble Butt Ass

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Behold the ghetto booty to end all ghetto booties. Serena Williams has a big butt that doesn’t play around. Serious business.  Noone will mistake Serena for having the face of an angel, but when it comes to her big ass butt, the word spectacular comes to mind. It puts J-Lo to shame.

Serena Williams Big Butt

Serena Williams Big Ass

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Liv Tyler is one unbelievably sexy woman. Sexy long legs that are a mile long. Big soft pouty lips that she inherited from her freakish father. A nice bubble butt that begs to be grabbed. Liv Tyler just oozes sexuality. Makes you want to bend over over a table and do the nasty. Oops, I lost myself in a fantasy there for a second. Check out these pictures and you will too.


Liv Tyler Long Legs

Liv Tyler Bubble ButtLiv Tyler Nude

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Our paparazzi caught sex goddess Eva Mendez getting half naked at the lake. Consequently, all the guys had to hop in the water so their girlfriends wouldn’t see the huge bulges in their swim trunks caused by those long, gorgeous legs and her booty crack slip. We all know she wasn’t planning on swimming today after taking 2 hours getting her hair and make-up done and picking out the perfect pair of wedges to compliment that new bikini(as if her body didn’t do it justice enough.) And she sure as hell doesn’t need to work on her tan… You know every other female out there wants to kill her for revealing that body in front of their men for no other reason than to soak in the admiration. These female stars seem to be suffering from a lack of self-esteem and respect nowadays. They need more and more affirmation from the public. Well, at least we know Ms. Mendez isn’t suffering from an eating disorder as well…her ass cheeks cant hardly be contained as we speak!!

Eva Mendez Sexy Bikini Body

Eva Mendes Bikini Tits and Ass

Eva Mendes Paparazzi Bikini

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Daisy Fuentes definitely gets an honorable spot in Fat Celeb’s photo gallery after this fleshy photo shoot!! No one can say this tittylicious beach babe doesn’t get her fruits and veggies….not to mention her steaks and chicken wings! She’s got it goin’ on in all the right departments and sure knows how to flaunt it at that. Lucky for her it seems all that extra protein goes straight to her tits and booty, just like it should! They said Nicole Richie was also lined up to model this bikini line, but after the lunch break, she mysteriously was no where to be found… ‘fess up Daisy! We know how appetizing she must’ve looked standing there like a hot dog on a stick! We wont hold it against you!

Daisy Fuentes Bikini Photoshoot

Thick Celeb Daisy Fuentes Tits and Booty

This thick celeb has everything anyone could ever ask for in the way of sexual appeal. I mean, who wouldnt want those chunky love thighs wrapped tight around their waist and her voluptuous titties bouncing all over the place as she squirms and moves. That see through bikini top just does it for her, huh? I wonder if thinking about her next body buffing meal is whats making her brown nipples poke out like they are!? Watch out Mary-Kate and Ashley! Cuz Carmen Electra’s gotta keep that bubble booty happy and fed! And with that pouty pucker…ya’ll would be gone in one bite!

Carmen Electra Bikini See Through

Carmen Electra Thick Thighs Bikini

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I’ve always thought that Uma Thurman was hot shit.  I remember falling head over heels when I saw her in that movie Johnny Be Good way back in the day. Those long legs, perky tits, and cute ass did me in. She has put a little meat on her bones since then but it has only made her sexier. I can’t believe Ethan Hawke was dumb enough to cheat on this goddess. What a moron.

uma thurman paparazzi beach

uma thurman bikini candids

uma thurman beach bikini

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Beyonce has one of the nicest, thickest , juiciest, bubble butts on the planet. A true ghetto booty. I can’t stand her music. I’m not gonna lie about that. But it would never in a million years stop be from tapping that ass from behind. Ever.


beyonce bikini butt

beyonce bikini paparazzi